We are Champions for Change! Making a healthy difference in the lives of our students, staff, and community!


DSC06841_2Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) is one of eighteen school districts currently participating in a three-year Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention Program sponsored by LA County Office of Education and the United States Department of Agriculture.

As Champions for Change, we bananaswant the best for students.  We also want them to be healthy and more active.  Studies continue to show that healthy eating and daily physical activity can have a profound impact on the body and improve students’ ability to learn and comprehend subject matter.  Students who eat healthier foods and get regular physical activity are less likely to miss class, have higher test scores, and less behavioral incidents.

As Champions for Change, we also want the best for our staff, families, and the entire Inglewood community. Together we can reduce obesity-related health conditions, chronic absenteeism, and increase productivity to ensure our citizens thrive.DSC06837_2

To date, hundreds of IUSD pre-K -12th grade teachers have received direct training on ways to incorporate nutrition and physical activity in their classrooms and advocacy training for healthier choices. The program also collaborates with all levels of school administration, parent organizations, after school programs, and community partners to update the district’s wellness policies.  Additionally, twenty-five nutrition education workshops have been offered throughout the district; including ten additional workshops this school year.vegetables


The Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention Program allows classrooms to participate in the Harvest of the Month (HOTM) program, featuring a variety of California grown fruits and vegetables for all seasons including ready-to-go tools and resources that can be used in diverse applications within the school system. HOTM provides pre-k- 12th grade educators with materials that give students hands-on opportunities to explore, taste, and learn about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and being active every day. The program is aligned to common core curriculum and lesson plans incorporate Mathematics, Health, Science, History, English, Writing, Thinking Maps, Performing/Visual Arts, and Technology.  So far, there are 200 pre-K- 12th grade classrooms participating in HOTM this year, and this number is only expected to grow.

We are Champions for Change!  Making a healthy difference in the lives of our students, staff, and community!

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