Magnet Exposes Students To Unchartered Waters

By Cristina Berron ‘15

This year the magnet program has increased its involvement in outside activities such as fieldtrips where magnet students can obtain more knowledge than ever. Ms. Allen, head of the program, has been working hard for magnet so that the magnet students can have the ability to leave the campus and be exposed to different avenues of learning.

“Fieldtrips are supposed to create a form of collaboration which enhances hands-on learning, exploration, and perspective views on what lies ahead in the 21st century,” says Ms. Allen. Already one fieldtrip on November 13 was able to accomplish Ms. Allen’s goal where the magnet students were able to experience hands-on experimental work with marine biology at the Santa Monica Aquarium. As Ms. Allen stated,” Fieldtrips allow for students to touch it, feel it, and see it for themselves”. This inspires her to yearn more for the magnet students. Ms. Allen was already able to obtain a free grant to University of Santa Barbara to Chip Camp where 16 magnet students were chosen to stay in the dorms for three days to work with nanotechnology from December 13th to 15th. This new technology will expose students to nanometers which can be applied to anything such as cancer research.

Future field trips have been planned such as the UCLA college tour, the Physics Day at Knott’s Berry Farm on March 20, 2014, and the Catalina Island hands-on project field trip in 2014. These trips are only for magnet students, but hopefully they will inspire other students to set high academic goals. As Ms. Allen said, “Magnet is set as a precedent for other students to follow which will hopefully lead other students to raise their GPA and help “raise the bar “to meet future demands.”

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