Students, Staff, Parents and Alumni Beautify and Improve Morningside Campus!

Cleanup 9On Saturday, September 21 Morningside High held its third annual Campus Cleanup Day. The event is the idea of one our our alumni groups and is intended to involve students, staff, alumni, parents, and the community in cleaning and beautifying the campus. We had nearly 100 volunteers come out and help clean windows and storage rooms, wash down walls and eating tables, power wash walkways and shelter covers, repair furniture and cabinets, paint interior and exterior areas, clean out and beautify garden areas with plants and flowers, and many other tasks.



Volunteers from Home Depot gave their time and effort with the gardens. Sherman Winter from district maintenance spent hours power washing. Alumni from the 60’s and 70’s put up new signs on the admin, library, and student store buildings.

Cleanup 1

With everyone’s help, we worked together toward meeting our goal of providing a clean and safe campus for students and staff.

A big thank you to all our donors, volunteers, alumni, students, staff, and parents for giving us your time and effort.


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