Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)- Ms. Haro’s Field Trip

K In January, Ms. Haro took her Morningside students to visit the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in Long Beach. The students enjoyed a detailed, personalized tour of the museum and its exhibitions. The tour itself was very interactive and engaging.

One of the exhibitions was called Transformations. It portrayed the inspiring life changing stories of five community members and showcased the Museum’s collection in a very unique way. Some of these stories included. Students were then encouraged to pick a postcard that depicted a transformation that they have gone through and were encouraged to share their story if they chose to do so.N

Another exhibition that they were able to enjoy was one by the contemporary Cuban artist Esterio Segura. This was this artist’s first solo U.S. museum exhibition and a lot of his works can be found in museum collections across the world, such as in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Latin American Art Museum at the University of Essex. With the possibility of the US lifting the Cuba embargo, having a Cuban artist exhibit his art on U.S. soil is historically significant. This was something that students could take back to their history classes. Segura’s art addresses topics of censorship, migration, commercialization and cultural isolation. Students thoroughly enjoyed his critique of society and appreciated the humor, satire and controversy depicted in his art.H

After the museum tour, one of the museum facilitators provided a very hands-on workshop where  students drew and created a collage that had one of the same elements found in the works of Esterio Segura.



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